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Available Material:

  • Fire Fighting Sprinklers.
  • Floor Drain.
  • Fire Cabinets.
  • Deluge System & Spray Nozzle.
  • FM200, CO2, Inergen & Argon Gas Systems.
  • Fire Pumps.
  • Fire Trace.
  • OS&Y Valves and Gate Valves.
  • Cast iron and Ductile Iron Pipes.
  • Sprinkler Pipes.
  • Complete Foam System Components.
  • Alarm System for Gas System.
  • Grooved Fittings & Malleable Iron Fittings.
  • Oil & Grease Interceptors.

TECHNONET guarantee that all the supplied materials are supported by our complete technical coverage to help you in (How to Submit, How to install & help you in getting approvals from Jurisdiction).

TECHNONET accepts returning all Non Used Materials provided that they are in the same condition they were sold.


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