Design & Calculation

At TECHNONET, we design fire fighting & fire alarm systems to meet all customer requirements and performance specifications benchmarked against current American standards and practices.

TECHNONET has a qualified engineering staff that handles all the design issues including – but not limited to – Sprinkler System (whatever for various Occupancies or various Storages), Spray System, Low Expansion Foam System, High Expansion Foam System, Gas Suppression Systems (FM-200, NOVEC, CO2, INERGEN), …etc.

TECHNONET has the ability to provide you full hydraulic calculations to cover your requirements in all fire fighting systems.

The hydraulic calculations for the sprinkler system can be done either by using the FHC software program or by using Elite Software.

The hydraulic calculations for Gas Suppression are done through a certified engineering staff using original licensed software programs provided by the manufacturers.

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