Trading Material

TECHNONET trading concept is offer you all your needs ONE PLACE.

TECHNONET is a leading trading company in Egypt, we promise you that you will always find your requirements ready in Stockā€¦

We also promise you that we can deliver same day (Subject to our selling strategies).

TECHNONET offers an outstanding service as our mentality and continuous development strategies are all dedicated to offering you an Outstanding Service level.

TECHNONET Company works in trading which means that we can supply all the required material for all kinds of Electro-mechanical works.

Available Material

  • Fire Fighting Sprinklers.
  • Deluge System Components.
  • Spray Nozzles.
  • Pre-action System Components.
  • Fire Pumps.
  • Foam System Components.
  • OS&Y Gate Valves.
  • Fire Cabinets.
  • Butterfly Valves.
  • Fire Hoses.
  • Check Valves.
  • FM-200 System Components
  • Alarm Check Valves.
  • NOVEC System Components.
  • Fire Hydrants.
  • CO2 System Components.
  • Post Indicators.
  • INERGEN System Components.
  • N.R.S. Gate Valves.
  • Addressable Fire Alarm System.
  • Fire Department Connections.
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System.
  • Grooved & Malleable Iron Fittings.
  • Fire Trace System.

TECHNONET guarantee that all the supplied materials are supported by our complete technical coverage to help you in; how to submit, how to install & how to get approvals from Jurisdiction.

TECHNONET accepts returning all Non Used Materials provided that they are in the same condition they were sold.

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