Maintenance Policy

  • We recognize that long term repeat business relationships with our customers are fundamental to the continued success of TECHNONET.
  • Understanding our customers is the key to a profitable business.
  • We will manage our customers’ expectations to give them what they require.
  • Our aim is for our customers to value the service we provide as highly as we value their business.
  • Understand the priorities of the customer.
  • Deliver a level of service to satisfy our customers in the context of a proper commercial understanding.
  • Independently measure the customers’ satisfaction with our service.
  • Provide communication links and systems at all appropriate levels in order to maximize responsiveness and co-operation.
  • Respond to the feedback to provide an improved level of service.
  • As our ultimate customer, we recognize that a major benefit to our client is to be provided with a project construction period free from third party complaints.
  • It becomes incumbent upon TECHNONET to ensure this happens.
  • At TECHNONET we are committed to providing a level of care that exceeds industry current practice.

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